Tuesday, July 26, 2011

37 weeks

Baby boy,

Congratulations! We can now label you full term, though every day you stay put is more time for your body to prepare for the shock of the outside world. This weekend we thought you might be coming. Mama had contractions for a good 12 hours - not timeable but enough to prompt us to finish packing our hospital bags and realize we needed to actually get that infant car seat. So now we're a bit more ready and way anxious to meet you.

Besides starting to feel contractions and some wicked back aches, your mama is swollen. The never-ending, weeks-long heat warnings are not helping. I can't really bend over and getting out of bed or off the couch is a site to see. I am convinced God made the last weeks of pregnancy uncomfortable and challenging to ensure labor isn't scary but instead, a very welcome event.

You're fully engaged now, and we found out last week we were 50 percent effaced. We'll go again Thursday to find out what progress, if any, we've made this week. Our midwife and your Grandpa are out of town until Friday so stay put at least until then. Daddy guessed your arrival would be July 30 and then seemed shocked to realize that's this Saturday. He just started a brand new job this week and your mother got promoted but is still working both jobs. Our life is changing so fast!

We'll continue impatiently waiting for your arrival. Come out when you're ready... but seriously, you've got three weeks left on your lease.


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