Wednesday, July 13, 2011

perfectly smushed

Face. Frowning at us because he would prefer not to be poked and prodded to wake up.

Smashed face, like if you put your face up to a window and took a pic.

Fat fingers covering right eye. Adorable face.

Profile of his mama's nose and lips. 

The little boy was less cooperative today and absolutely refused to remove his hand from his face to give his parents a good look at his cuteness.

The good news is he has a small head and corresponding small body (about 5 lbs 8 oz) but nothing abnormal. He was sleeping during the whole ultrasound until the tech brought in a sonogram alarm clock which ended up waking me up more than him. He did give us a few yawns and opened and closed his eyes. He has a full head of hair and is definitely still a boy.

All parties including medical professionals agree he's got a lot of his mother's facial features and both parents' super fat fingers. He's super smushed in there, head down and feet up.

I'm not dilated yet and only about 30 percent effaced so no baby probably in the next two weeks, which is good. We prefer our newborns fully cooked. His head is dropped but not engaged which explains the fact that every time I stand up I feel the head falling like a stroke of lightning.

We're looking at a 6 1/2 - 7 lb baby, or so says the completely inaccurate guessing system.

Whatever he looks like or how ever much he weighs, I can tell - he's just perfect.

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