Tuesday, July 19, 2011

36 weeks

{Donnert Photography}

Baby boy,

By the end of this week, you'll be considered full-term. You're gaining an ounce per day. PER DAY. You've been moving around less - mostly jabbing your elbows and knees toward the end of the day. Your lungs are continuing to mature but otherwise you are pretty ready.

Your mother is feeling pretty ready, too. We're in a heat wave, and everyday it's reaching upwards of 115 degrees heat index and has been for more than a week with no hope until August. This causes much swelling and general crabbiness. Some days are fabulous and some days my back hurts, and I feel like I'm carrying watermelon between my legs. My body feels run down now, and just tired, tired, tired. If there is a wall to hit at the end of pregnancy, consider mine squarely hit.

We had a fun weekend with people who love you so much already. Our small family is very, very blessed. Now that the baby showers are done, we get to shop for the rest of the items we need before your arrival. We framed your nursery art and Daddy's working on refinishing your toy box which used to be mine. Tonight we're getting your car seat installed and inspected.

We took some fun pictures to remember our time together the last nine months. You weren't too fond of the close up flashes and let me know it with some swift kicks to the ribs. As uncomfortable as pregnancy seems now in these last four weeks, (four, what?!) it's been such a beautiful process, dark-line, swollen fingers, popping belly button and all. We've seen a little preview but we're super excited to see the rest of the photos from our favorite photographers.

Here's to a week that will no doubt be full of sweaty clothes, swollen appendages and fitful sleep but also preparation, excitement and uninterrupted cuddling.

Love you little one.


  1. Beautiful! And I'm totally jealous you're still wearing your rings!

  2. Haha. Not wearing my rings today. It's touch and go everyday :)