Friday, July 30, 2010

random friday: alpha, bravo and ugly art

I've decided Fridays are my lazy blogging, sharing links with you, saying whatever I want days. Hopefully you don't get lost in my ramblings.

Can you recite the ICAO alphabet? Try it out here.  I got four. I take issue with Sierra for S. There are multiple ways that could be spelled and not all would involve S.

I want to see Ramona and Beezus. But I have no little girls to steal and I love Shea enough to not put him through that torture. Though I am not sure how anyone could not LOVE Ramona. So I will wait. The next movies I want to see is Eat, Pray, Love and The Social Network. Yes, a Facebook movie. But it's co-written by Aaron Sorkin (hello, West Wing) meaning failure is unlikely.

I'm really excited to go to this store next week. It's only open once a month, which probably means good things. And we really need something to store our overflow of kitchen items. Oh and overflow of books, clothes, linens, camping equipment. Who knew a girl could lust after storage space?

This is one of my new favorite sites: Awkward Stock Photos. It will brighten your day. Especially if you are feeling suffocated by your lack of storage.

Last night I made Chilaquiles Casserole for my 70-year-old neighbor. It's super delicious and really low calorie. Tonight I'm making barbecued pulled chicken for friends and then banana muffins to take home this weekend. I cannot let black bananas go to waste.

This weekend I am attempting to mat pictures so we can continue on with the bedroom decorating adventure. So far it's involved me holding up old framed paintings and saying "Pleeeeeease can we give this to the poor people?" Followed by me lamenting about how expensive it is to have someone else frame and mat pictures how I want them. I shall take matters into my own (and mother's) hands.

Shea asked me to start a project list otherwise known as honey-do list.

Shea: I want you to make me a project list!
Me: Um. I've got nothing.

Mark this day down in history. You will probably never again hear those words out of either of our mouths. After much thought, I've got this.

Shea's Project List
1. Remove ugly art from apartment and move to storage space.
2. Realize we have no storage and give art to the poor people.


  1. I don't remember how I stumbled onto your blog, but I love it. I don't know you, but I think you're totally awesome. Keep blogging!

  2. Thanks, Taylor! You made my day! I'm so glad you're reading.

  3. I agree with Taylor - I love your blog! I don't think I ever would've gotten anything but Charlie on that quiz!

    I want to see Ramona & Beezus too! I've been thinking about taking my niece, but I think I'd be doing it more for me than her, lol.

  4. Dear Shea,
    1)Install new doorknob on the closet door.
    2)Put up curtain rod in sewing room.
    3)Fix singing toilet in the master bath.
    Love, Your mother-in-law.

  5. I can't decide if I want to see "Eat Pray Love" I *heart* Julia Roberts, but I really enjoyed the book ... and it was so internal. I am just puzzled about how to transform all of that inner monologue into a full screen adaptation?

  6. haha, I'm the same way. I wanna see that movie but won't go alone and no one wants to come. My neice lives to far too, darn ;-)