Tuesday, April 12, 2011

22 weeks

Good morning baby boy,

You're cruising along, now the length of a ruler  - the size of a spaghetti squash or football. You're just getting bigger in there and developing all the little details that are going to make you you.

You've been exercising those strong legs and arms, kicking so hard we can see you move from the outside of my tummy. Grandma and Grandpa even felt you kick this weekend. You're starting to react to sounds and when we walked into church this Sunday, you seemed to be dancing to the loud music.

Mama is doing great. The bump is now noticeable and starting to attract hands. A few nights ago I woke up withering in pain from calf cramps. I'm told it's normal. But jumping out of bed five times screaming "help, help!" wasn't so fun.

Daddy says I've got the glow, and we're really enjoying feeling you every night jumping around. Daddy read a book to you this weekend, and we'll keep doing that every night for the rest of your life until you protest. Four months til we get to meet you, little man. We're WAY excited.

Love you,

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