Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Since it's apparently confessional Wednesday, it must be known I was born in Lexington, Kentucky - the horse capital of the world. You'll just have to believe me because my birth certificate has to be requested and there is probably some fee involved.

I am scared of riding horses. Even at camp.

We bought a Bradley Method book last night and chose the one without color pictures.

We bought the book for $17. The classes cost $300. Now we just have to read it without passing out. And take a one-day labor class at our hospital.

I read this birth story and totally cried at my desk. Big, fat tears of horror and panic. Then I read this one and felt better.

I'm not good with change. We're moving this weekend to a house with storage, a yard, a second bedroom - all good things. However, I am fixating on the logistics of carpooling to work, the small kitchen and figuring out how I can stretch the few maternity clothes I have to go a whole month since we won't have a washer and dryer until Memorial Day weekend.

My mom bought a poop light (think the lights that show blood on CSI). Now I am completely grossed out at the thought of the wall behind the toilet. I will be scrubbing.

Hallmark pre-paid postage cards are kind of lazy. But I love it.

I was really sad about leaving our apartment. Then a random neighbor talked to me for 15 minutes about how the mailman's wife is dying but that is no excuse to deliver our mail at 7 p.m. Also, he sleeps on the lobby couch for hours at a time. Then, I was ready to move.

I need to clean out my fridge. I have seriously considered throwing out really nice glass bowls. And putting our nice pans in the dishwasher.

I have put my underwear on inside out more than once this week. And it's Wednesday.

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