Tuesday, April 5, 2011

21 weeks

Hello my little kicker,

You're a busy, busy boy! I'm not sure what you're practicing for in there - baseball, soccer, gymnastics, karate chop specialist? Either way, you are definitely letting me know you're alive and well. I've started feeling you consistently throughout the day except for your afternoon nap, and you seem to kick the hardest just when your mom is ready to sleep. Probably great foreshadowing...

Daddy felt you for the first time last week. He's super excited and loves to put his hand on my tummy when you're kicking hard. Sometimes I think you show off when you know he's there. We even saw you bust out near my belly button just by watching my stomach for a second.

Life has been pretty crazy in our world. You took your first international trip, which involved a lot of heat, climbing ancient temples, cave tubing, howling at monkeys, swimming and many glasses of watermelon juice. Pretty good right? Plus the people of Belize really took care of us. First we got green mango as most women crave it. Though I have no idea why because it was lip-puckering sour. Sorry about that. Then we got a coconut macheted open for us for the healthy water inside. Anything for you, my dear.

You're the size of a carrot or large banana in length. You'll get your taste buds this week, and you'll continue to swallow a lot of amniotic fluid. Your mama is getting big fast it seems but feeling great. Other than the challenge of getting dressed every morning, we're cruising right along. Couldn't complain if we tried.

Love you to pieces,


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  1. Very sweet, as always : )

    It must be a trip to have your belly button kicked from the inside! ack!