Tuesday, April 26, 2011

24 weeks

Dear baby boy,

You're a foot long now (mm...Subway) and have reached the age of viability. If you chose to exit today (something I do not recommend) you'd be a real little person! Your brain is growing quickly and your lungs are starting to develop to prepare for breathing in the outside world. Lungs, wow. That's usually the last thing that develops so your mama is feeling a bit apprehensive about how quickly this is all going.

You are still kicking up a storm, and this morning you jumped at the sound of daddy's alarm going off. We celebrated Easter this weekend and you got the cutest baby-powder smelling elephant from your grandma and grandpa. And then to further spoil you, our friends Andrew and Laura got you adorable baseball outfits and a teeny little jacket. Neighbor Eleanor gave you little car bibs and two sleepers with green frogs. Spoiled already, I tell ya!

Your mama's uterus is the size of a soccer ball, which I find a bit alarming. Our bout with dizziness seems to have ended with my self-diagnosed anemia and subsequent self-treatment. Taking calcium pills and prenatals in the same swallow = no iron absorption. The books tell me I should be having joint pain, ugly veins, stretch marks, itchy palms, headaches and leg cramps. Other than a few days with fairly uncomfortable back pain, I really have minimal complaints.

This week we move to a new house, finish classes, study for finals, set up new house, go to a Twins game, and you know, work. Hang on, in two weeks we'll be lounging around, stress-free.

Love you little one,

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