Thursday, April 28, 2011

no more hiding

All my pregnancy books and journals have a spot to write down when a stranger noticed you were pregnant for the first time. Mark it down - 24 weeks and 1 day.

Yesterday, I was working my temporary second job passing out parent surveys at after school programs when a staff person said, "best wishes on this new phase of your life," nodding at my round belly.

Today, I went to pick up my friend J at lunch and a fourth-grader in her class pointed and said, "you got a baby in there?" J then proceeded to smile for the next hour, touch my tummy and swore she could see his head. Her only question was if he cried while he was in there.

She declared that since I didn't have a daughter, only a son, she would be my daughter and the baby was her brother.

Also, she'd like me to bring pictures next week - of her brother.

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