Tuesday, April 19, 2011

23 weeks

Dear baby boy,

You're 23 weeks, and we're starting our sixth month together (sixth, what?!) After two weeks of uncontrollable hunger, we seem to be back to a normal, more sane level of growth. Your lungs are preparing to start breathing and sounds like Mac's barking or the cats' whining for food are starting to become familiar.

We're packing for our big move to a little house so the only books left for our nightly readings are "I'll Love You Forever," "God Made You," and a book about Martin Luther King Jr. Family, religion and culture! We saw a little baby baptized at church this weekend, and your mama was full of tears. Although everything including discovering we are out of chocolate milk makes me cry, it was emotional to imagine you being baptized at Christmas time.

Your mom is feeling like she's quadrupled in size in the last three weeks and is not looking forward to Wednesday's appointment where the damage will be assessed. Daddy found a stretch mark this weekend but I can't find it today so we're going to count that one as a fluke.

This week is busy for us, little one. We've got packing, studying and Eastering to do.

Love you,

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  1. I'll Love you Forever is hands down my favorite children's book!