Thursday, April 21, 2011

the first of many sacrifices

I had my 23-week doctor's appointment today.

Here's the good and neutral news:
  • Baby boy is healthy with a heartbeat of 150 bpm 
  • I only gained four pounds this month (13 total). Though my midwife did say "Whoa!" when lifting up my shirt and seeing my suddenly round tummy.
  • Baby is still breech which is still OK but will make me more uncomfortable as the weeks go on.
  • I have been told that for next week's move I am not allowed to lift any boxes. Win.
Then comes the first of many sacrifices that I am sure motherhood will bring. 

I've been getting dizzy with increasing frequency in the past week or two. Today I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and immediately got dizzy, which luckily I was on my way to see my lovely midwife. My blood pressure is fine. My weight is fine. Nurse: "Hmm..we haven't done your glucose yet but yeah..."

Long story short, I'm on a diabetic diet til Monday to see if that helps my dizzy/hot flashes/tiredness episodes. The diet isn't that bad - just not overloading on carbs, avoiding sugary desserts and drinks, drinking lots of water and eating more protein. Oh, and eating six times a day. If it's not better by Monday, I'm in for an early gestational diabetes test, which has to be repeated at 28 weeks regardless of the outcome.

I have no Type 2 diabetes in my family. I'm not overweight or old. I didn't gain too much weight in my first tri, in fact I gained zero. Here's hoping a good diet fixes the problem and there are no finger pricks and bans on Yogurtini in my future.

Because it's almost summer. And I want my frozen yogurt.

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  1. Oh, yikes!! Hope the diet does the trick. Hugs <3