Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a sad story about sugar

Very nice coworker brings me a cookie from local bakery.

I eat cookie following veggies, fruit and cheese for lunch.

I start to feel really warm and queasy.

OK, now not just warm but H-O-T. Cheeks and ears are on fire.

I race outside to "check something" and let the thankfully colder than normal day wash over me.

I come back in and get hot and queasy again remembering this is exactly how I felt last time I had a blood sugar yo-yo something going on. Plus now I am so tired I lay my head on my printer.

I get on the Google horn and discover this is normal for some preggos. I'm thankful for my doctor's appointment tomorrow. The talking to my midwife part, not the scale.

Freak out that I will fail next month's glucose tolerance test. And my baby will be 11 pounds. And I do NOT want an 11-pound creature coming out of my body. Even if it's my adorable son.

I cry.

I decide that feeling like this is worse than giving up sweets so I pledge to eat no more cookies and other tasty desserts. Except frozen yogurt because it's almost summer and I'm not delirious. Just hot.

I cry.


  1. Oh, how sad!! I hope your glucose test goes well...

    That cookie monster picture made me laugh, though : )

  2. I had trouble with fainting due to blood sugar during my second trimester. I managed to pass the 3 hour test both times, but I definitely felt better if I stayed away from sugar. Which was harder than it should have been!