Tuesday, March 29, 2011

20 weeks

Oh little boy, 

We'll be celebrating our halfway point together in Belize. Halfway! Can you believe it?

Your 20-week update is kind of unflattering so I'll breeze through it. Your body, now the length of a banana and the size of a small melon, is producing meconium, a black gooey substance having to do with digestion. There are some other things going on with your testicles but that seems rather inappropriate to discuss in public. So we'll leave it at that.

Your mama is feeling really awesome - sometimes to the point of feeling drugged. At least that's what I am blaming for the absentmindedness and the fact I forget things like my own email address. 

Last week we found out you're breech, which is totally fine for now. Enjoy not hanging upside down. But anytime you feel like you might want to give my pelvis a break and flip around, I'd be ever so grateful. Sitting is my least favorite but most common activity these days. And the fact my midsection is separating and expanding seems rather science fiction and quite painful. As long as meeting you at the end is the reward, I'll stick it out :)

We love you so much little boy. We're praying that the second half of this pregnancy is just as wonderful and uneventful as the first.


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