Wednesday, April 21, 2010

2010 Census dilemma

A couple of weeks ago, Shea and I took the U.S. Census worker test. That in itself was QUITE the experience.

We were ushered into a cramped room with about 40 other people to fill out forms for the next 30 minutes. Unfortunately, we had already filled out these forms, so instead we sat and eavesdropped on conversations like how a GED is easy to get and traditional universities (this lady's example: "those Yale schools") where students sit in classrooms are far inferior to an online degree.

Then we all walk into another room where we reenact the SAT except with 28 questions in 30 minutes on directions, simple but tricky math and literacy. Surprisingly tricky questions but all in all, simple.

For the past week I've been getting calls. Despite the fact I indicated on my form that I can only work evenings, they keep calling to see if I can attend daytime training.With each call, Shea gets more pouty that they are not calling him. I reassured him it's probably that they need girls.

So tonight I got a call for an evening job with training starting Monday. Though it pays less than the $17/hour door-to-door jobs (knocking on scary people's doors included), the office clerk job pays $11.50/hour, which is a good $250/week. That's $1000/month, which is nothing to shake a stick at.

  • Only 10 blocks from our apartment
  • Earn money for vacation fund, house fund, or pay-off-the-car fund
  • Temporary, could be very short-term and "variable" work meaning less commitment
  • High turnover =  easier to quit if I hate it
  • Crazy stories for this blog
  • Consistent evenings/potential Saturdays away from Shea, which I already miss him at my real job
  • The above bullet really deserves two lines
  • Mind-numbing work with potential crazies
  • Not knowing if they are flexible if I can't work one night
Do I go to the training? Is the extra money worth temporary time away from the hubs?

Help me decide, and comment please!

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  1. Do it! I know it will mean time away from Shea, but if you earn some extra money it can go along way in getting you closer to your goals or something fun! Like a trip, etc. - which you will enjoy with Shea.

    Plus - I want to read the stories. And maybe when you are working Shea can spend time doing a project, etc. that he's been wanting to work on? Or maybe just watching all the baseball he wants. :)