Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hole-in-one for moral hypocrisy

I do not care about Tiger Woods and frankly, I'd like to stop hearing about him.

I do not care that he slept with over a dozen women who are not his wife. He's a snake. A bad person with clearly no self-control or morals. Not just one mistake, many many many mistakes that show just how little he regards his vows. John Edwards, Tiger Woods and many others have tricked us into thinking that because they care about inner city kids, poverty, and charities that they are somehow good people. But, it's really easy to look like a good person when you can direct 100 cameras your way when you smile at a baby.

Not only do we get to hear daily analysis of Tiger's (p.s. did you know his middle name is Tont? That makes me giggle.) behavior but how his wife Elin is dealing. The Today Show relationship analyst (is this really a job?) called her approach "revolutionary." As if she has developed some recipe of coping for all cheated upon wives. "She's not supporting but still standing by him at the same time." Pause while I rinse the vomit from my mouth.

I don't care if he returns to golf. Or records more silently-staring-at-the-camera commercials. Nice try, Nike. I wonder what Earl Woods would really think of this campaign.

Perhaps golf fans should redirect their outrage and overzealous interest in Tiger toward the fact that the Augusta National Golf Club, where one of the most prestigious golf competitions is held, STILL does not allow women to become members. Instead, the club's chairman who has called the struggle for women's rights a "distraction" is saying this about Tiger: "Our hero did not live up to the expectations of the role model we saw for our children."

Really, Billy Payne? As for my children, I hope they don't grow up in a world where clubs, private or not, are allowed to discriminate against Blacks long after the civil rights movement. I hope their role models are not white men who think they can chastise black men for mistreatment of women while publicly defending gender-discrimination policies. I hope that my future daughters grow up in a world where they can become CEOs and play golf alongside their male colleagues at the club if they so choose. If the powerful social and corporate circles meet on the course, and men find it distracting to see a pretty face among them, then maybe it is they who should stay home.

I recoil at the thought that many of this nation's powerful, rich and elite are most comfortable in places where half the population, including their mothers, wives and daughters, are banned from entering. Yet, millions watch the Masters oblivious to the club's policies. Payne says he will admit female members eventually, but on his timetable. Payne's timetable didn't allow Blacks to play golf with the white folk until the 1990s. Hopefully he lets them drink at the same water fountain, too.

The time has come. Women are running companies, traveling to space, running for office and having seven babies at once. They can damn well handle swinging a nine-iron while wearing a collared shirt.

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