Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Please Jackson County, just take my money

I was appalled when I moved to Minnesota and found out I had to not only buy one new license plate but TWO. And, currently owning a Mustang at the time, had zero ways to attach one to the front of my car. So I kept it in my glove box.. "Sorry officer, I am new here!"

Now moving to Missouri, I have been working on my new car tags for two weeks and still have Minnesota plates.

1. Read long, long web site for new residents on all the ways Missouri will prevent me from getting new plates. Snobs. (20 minutes)

2. E-mail Jackson County office and express my confusion. (5 minutes)

3. Find out that I do not have to have a safety inspection because my car is new enough, however they will only give me tags for a year because next year I have to get one. But, I do have to have an odometer validation check. (5 minutes of real frustration)

4. Search for Minnesota title, registration, marriage license to clear up that whole last name confusion thing, utility bills and paychecks from past two years. (45 minutes)

5. Go to county courthouse and prove I did not live in Missouri in January 2010 or January 2009. Achieved by printing off two years worth of gas bills. Also have to show my Minnesota title. (1 hour, 5 minutes)

6. Show up at Hank's Auto Repair, an official MO inspection site, at 7:45 a.m. for odometer inspection. Hank only does inspections between 7:45 and 8:30 a.m. Other places near my work that would make for a nice lunch hour errand? Four hour wait for a 5-minute inspection. While Hank is doing 5-minute inspection, find out that he only takes cash for this. So I have to run in my skirt and heels three blocks to a rundown "grocer" (who I am pretty sure only sold candy and cigarettes) to get money out of an ATM. Run back to Hank's, pass man with beard to his waist pushing grocery cart. Pay Hank $10 - keep in mind that a full inspection involving wheels being taken off and things under hood inspection is $12. (25 minutes)

I still do not have my license plates. I get that joy tomorrow - standing in line with everyone and their brother who waited until the last three days of the month to turn in their paperwork. It's hard work getting Missouri to take your money!

To be continued...

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