Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mid-April happiness

Free Starbucks coffee: Although we were sternly corrected that the free coffee was for Earth Day not Tax Day (even though it IS Tax Day and NOT Earth Day), it was still free. And only about three other people in the long line seemed to know about it, one of which included an 11-year-old. I attribute this to lack of Twitter, and blog usage. It's free all day. Run and get it!

Running: Shea is up to four miles. I'm at three and a handful. But it feels sooooo good, and now we fall asleep at 9 p.m.

Adventures in butternut sqaush: I found a recipe for butternut squash pasta sauce from none other than convicted felon Martha Stewart. I thought we would hate it, mostly because when it goes through the food processer it resembles pumpkin puke. Instead it was quite tasty. This corn chowder recipe was also a winner.

Dog park: We found a dog park we can walk to. Unfortunately Mac is still timid from getting nipped by a large dog in Minneapolis so he wanders around like a anti-social toddler. The dogs in KC seem much more well behaved so hopefully he'll make friends in time. It probably doesn't help his self-confidence though, when we spend the hour pointing out dogs we would rather own.

Car insurance: We got car insurance, and our six-month premium is $200 less than Minnesota with the same coverage. However we didn't get full coverage on Shea's missing-door-handle-and-hubcaps beauty. Instead we're hoping that if it dies, we can buy another Toyota at half-price. Sticky gas pedals be damned.

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  1. yay for Toyotas! Seth would be proud.