Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Great Compromise

Soon after we found out we were moving to Kansas City, the question came.

"What about the Twins?"

So began the Great Compromise. First we agreed to not get cable TV, and instead went with Internet only. Meaning the only way the Minnesota Twins and Denard Span can be an integral part of our summer is with MLB TV. So $80 and a free trial subscription to Sports Illustrated later, we can watch the 100 + Twins games this year.

And that's not all! That $80 also gets us cravings for Shea's masterpiece "god in a bowl" which really tastes a lot more like processed, sodium-rich flames of hell in a bowl. Also the yelling, distress and general emotional rollercoaster of being a Minnesota sports fan.

Now for the part where the wife whose watching baseball games on TV tolerance level is capped at a more healthy 20 games per season.

We have many weddings to go to this summer. And due to my problem with office supplies and waistbands, I need a new dress or two. I will get a dress to wear for a night or two. He gets over 300 hours of baseball watching. I should work on my negotiation skills.

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