Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Calendar of nerds

I love Google calendars both for the organizational tool and the satisfaction I get from seeing different aspects of my life in color. I have four of them because my life is very complicated. Also, I am a huge nerd.

Green: My life including bill pay reminders, pay days, activities, parties and birthdays. This week's entries include: Jamaica G's concert, Pampered Chef deadline, D + R do KC and Royals v. Twins game.

Pink: Meal planning, which makes grocery lists infinitely easier. This week's entries include: enchiladas, spaghetti, squash/asparagus risotto, chicken tortilla soup and barbecue pulled chicken.

Purple: Running, where I record the mileage I run each morning. This week's entries: "2.5 miles, 4.1 miles, 4.2 miles."

Blue: Shea's calendar, which is technically not mine. However, I basically maintain it by sending him invites despite the fact he refuses to delete old entries that make no sense like "Boston Beer Marathon." Luckily for him, I not only invite him to things like "car payment due" but also Great American BBQ Festival, the Kansas City Zoo 8K Run and first K-State football game.

It's also fun to look back and see what I was doing a year go. Now you're curious, right? Well according to my ever so reliable calendar, last year during the second to last week in April I was having coffee with Rachel, going to grad class, getting paid, going to the chiropractor, babysitting my favorite little lady and going to a Twins game. Odd that I am doing two of those things this year, this week: Coffee with Rachel and a Twins game. Except both in a completely different city.

So there you go, I love calendars. Excuse me while I go wipe off my pocket protector.


  1. LOVE this post. You are good with charts - and calendars are like a big chart. This makes me think I should start doing a calendar.

    Also - what did you think of the risotto?

  2. want to do my calendar for me? I'll let you...

  3. I just now read this post, and I completely understand. :) I keep a handwritten planner, and I write down everything in there.

    Not only that, but I color code it with highlighters and sticky note to-do lists. I keep them all every year. They are like little diaries.