Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday morning thoughts

- Our gym has a bunch of old treadmills that shake when you run, and then two good ones. We always get the good ones because no one else apparently likes running at 6 a.m. However, this morning a new couple walked into the cardio room as I did and took the good ones. And then proceed to "run"only eight minutes. This is deeply irritating.

- As I was driving to work, the Starbucks near us had over 10 people in line at the drive thru and only three of the regular parking spots were full. I guarantee half of those people could have gone inside and gotten their coffee faster if they'd just be willing to use their legs. This is lazy.

- Every morning this week and next week I have to put out treats (cookies, cupcakes, rice krispie bars) for our students who are taking final exams. Then in the afternoon I have to put out granola bars, chips, nuts, fruit snacks and more chips. This is very, very difficult to resist considering I get an intense salt craving at 2 p.m. This task has proven to be very detrimental to my health.

- I would really like to stop hearing about the Tea Party movement.

- Trader Joe's is opening in Omaha and not Kansas City. Ridiculous. If it came to KC, I would be a frequent enough shopper to keep them in business. Just please don't go to the 'burbs.

- I hate when people ignore that racism exists. Evidence in Arizona and Missouri today.

- It's Friday, which is a great way to end a fairly wretched week. Tomorrow we are gardening at a battered women's shelter, shopping at the Farmer's Market, and going to an art fair. Happiness.


  1. I KNOW! Enough with the tea party already! Ugh...
    Oh and I know what you mean about that 2pm craving. It's my weakness too.

  2. If Trader Joe's opened in Kansas City I'd drive there once a week just to buy their mochi ice cream. Luckily, there's one 5 minutes from me here. Sadly, I just found it yesterday.