Saturday, May 15, 2010

banana toast and diet limeade

Two super awesome discoveries today.

First, Shea made me breakfast this morning. I rejected the usual pancakes and requested bananas and peanut butter toast. Instead, I got an English muffin with peanut butter and cut up bananas on top, which solicited an "ummm...thanks..." from me. But instead, it is quite possibly my new favorite meal. He's goooood.

Then we ran. And ran and ran. I ran an hour or six miles in a gym that was at least 80 degrees. Which, my body is now punishing me with throbbing toes on my right foot. Oh and my legs and back have had better days. Still, very glad to see motivation is back, and aiming for seven miles next weekend.

After dinner we did our Sonic run (hate the food, love the drinks) and there I made my second discovery of the day in diet cherry limeade. A medium has..wait for it... 18 calories. Eighteen, that's it! Love.

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