Sunday, May 23, 2010

welcoming summer in style

I don't know if I could have really asked for more in a weekend.

For starters, it's 85 and sunny, which is pretty much my perfect weather. Sadly I didn't think ahead and wore a little t-shirt meaning I have a super sweet tan line across the middle of my arm. Note to self: must get rid of this before I wear sleeveless dress in two weeks.

Friday night we celebrated various occasions such as grad school admittance, passing classes, moving to Italy, and general summer euphoria with a Boulevard Sampler pack, tacos and a dueling piano bar. Somehow I ended up dancing on stage due to a well-intentioned blond girl despite the fact I tried to convince her it was Layne's birthday. Another horrified victim pleaded with me to stay on stage, so I did until I saw my opening and exited stage right.

Saturday, after I got my $1 flip flops at Old Navy, we went to the Great American Barbecue Festival where for an unknown reason we "came at the right time" and got in free. Forty bucks in savings! Woo! Plus there was this dude who kept wanting to take pictures with us. He looks oddly like the guy who won Biggest Loser a couple season ago. If it is you, Jerry, maybe you should stay away from things like barbecue fests.

We ate yummy sandwiches, drank real root beer and people watched, including a rib-eating contest - a great display of American culture.

After the sun and meat, Shea and I headed to KC Juice, which might be our new favorite treat. (Sorry, Sonic Chiller.) It's like Jamba Juice but even healthier. I got the World Cup which was cranberry, raspberry, orange sherbet and bananas. SO good. Kansas City peeps - it's a great locally owned place in Westport. Plus does the body good! Go there.

Sunday after our run, I had brunch with one of my favorite friends, Wendy, at Mama's 39th St. Diner known for their 66 omelet choices which come with "browns or grits." 

LOVE summer. I missed you.

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