Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Getting owned by the work world

Starting salary for my journalism degree is supposedly $36,300, according to Payscale's article.

I guarantee you my journalism friends out there are coughing and rolling their eyes after reading that sentence. My starting salary in 2005 for a job with "editor" in the title? $28,000, and that was high. Oh journalism, how you broke my heart.

I left college five years ago (FIVE years!?) thinking I'd only work at jobs that I was wildly passionate about. How could I accept anything less, right? But then I got a nice little working world education.

Slowly my requirement for jobs have been reduced to: 1) A salary that pays my bills; 2) Boss and coworkers that don't make me cry; 3) Someway, somehow using my skills/degree; and 4) A job that allows me to go home and enjoy my real life.

Couldn't have guessed that one.

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