Friday, May 14, 2010

my self control went on vacation

I'm usually quite good about my eating habits, and I frequently tout the fact I rarely ever get cravings. Except certain times of the month where I am dying to poor the jar of salt straight into my mouth.
So these past few weeks I got kind of lazy with the working out. This was not helped by the fact that when my alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m., Shea magically is awake enough to roll over and pull me in close but not awake enough to work out with me. Last week I actually got up, put my running shorts, socks, and shoes, then got into bed to kiss him goodbye. And then I woke up an hour later with my shoes on. Completely under the covers.

Along with this laziness came the inexplicable need to eat everything in sight coupled with the fact my work had an extraordinary amount of leftover catered food just sitting there, waiting for someone to eat it all. Then I made brownies on Tuesday, and we ate half a pan in one sitting. (I am blaming most of this on Shea because it makes me feel better about myself. Especially since I don't even like chocolate. Ooof.)
In the last three weeks I have gained like two or three pounds. Which is really nothing because I could eat healthy for a week and be back to my normal weight. Or run a few miles and ta-da! And I realize that because my jean size is somewhere between 0 and -1, you think I don't have a right to whine. But now it's all I can think about. And despite this awareness of the fact I am eating like a teen-aged boy, yesterday I still had a 3/4 bag of kettle corn, a cappuccino-flavored cup of sugar and ice (because it was $1, and now that's a good reason to eat something..), a tall beer and banana bread (fruit, right?)

After my whining and moaning of really annoying things like "uhhh, I feel bloated and my stomach is touching my waistband" or "I can't run because I just ate half a pan of brownies for no reason," we made a pact. We're running everyday (or working out in some fashion if my knees give out) until we attend a wedding on June 5.

So far seven miles in two mornings (8 miles for Shea; he's better). The bad news is we have two graduation parties, a camping road trip, and the Great American BBQ Festival before then.

The good news is that my acid reflux/inability-to-digest-normally syndrome is kicking in. So if my mind can't control my appetite, the bubbling acid in my stomach will.

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  1. dropping by from 20SB.
    good luck with the running.
    i wish i had that kind of will power... i never run (and i actually mean never!)