Thursday, May 20, 2010

need summer now

The best part of moving to Kansas City was knowing that I would experience some measure of heat from May until October at the minimum. Unlike my former state of Minnesota where it was perfectly reasonable to wait til mid-July to pack my sweaters away. This damned city, however, is foiling my plans by hovering in the 60s and raining. EVERY day.  For TWO weeks.

I really need summer to come. I thought this one would be much calmer than last year's wedding planning bonanza, but the weekends are filling up fast.

Camping in Eureka Springs, Ark.
Excited and nervous about this one. The area is gorgeous, but our first camping experience together was NOT fun. The highlights included the dog barking constantly, rain, finding a tick on the dog, finding a tick on me followed by me crying that I wanted to go to a hotel. This time we have more supplies, no dog and mental preparation. Hopefully that'll be enough.

Six, all at a minimum of seven hours away. So glad our wedding was the only one last summer. Looking forward to dancing with Shea in our dress-up clothes. Right now this is my motivation for running/eating healthy because I can't be one of those girls who gets married and fat. You know, have to be a role model and all.

Weekend trip to St. Charles with the fam
My mom has been wanting to go to St. Charles, Mo. for her entire life. So I slapped the family into gear, and we're going. Bed and breakfast lodging and wineries are always a winning combination.

Canoe trip with some favorite friends
We made some amazing friends through our church in Minnesota, and then we moved. But we miss them so now we're going on a day-long canoe trip on the St. Croix river. I haven't been in a canoe since Girl Scout camp. And I am fairly certain I was paralyzed with fear of falling in and getting stuck under the canoe. Then drowning.

Twins game, fifth row behind the dugout
Our jeweler is awesome. Not only does he provide great rings but he loves us and gives baseball-obsessed husband amazing tickets to a new stadium. There will be ice cream in plastic hats.

K-State football
We got season tickets. I am looking forward to the first game of 100-degree blistering heat. And hearing "K-State"

Our first anniversary
They say the first year is the hardest. If this is true for us, this marriage is going to be shockingly easy. Plans still in the works for a celebration but it better involve all the popcorn I can eat because that was definitely a honeymoon in Disneyworld highlight.

Weather for this weekend and next week: Close to 90 degrees and sunny. Digging out my tank tops and flip flops now!


  1. Yayyy for what seem like great summer plans :) I'm moving to Texas from MA before their summer, which is kinda scary for me with all that heat!!

  2. AnonymousMay 21, 2010

    hey there..I just stumbled upon ur site through 20SB, love your blog. I especially love the write up on you 'my marriage' page... wow! That is one of the most romantic proposals ever! Now I have hope that romantic guys do exist..i just have find one :-) happy blogging!