Thursday, May 6, 2010

An imperfect, awesome city

Kansas City was named sixth-fattest city by Men's Health.

Even more awesome, Kansas City is a cesspool for STDs, lack of dating prospects and crime-filled neighborhoods. As Pitch puts it, "the average Kansas City resident is fat, lonely, riddled with disease and in constant danger."

We were also the 11th most segregated city according to 2000 Census results. We also have some of the worst school districts in the nation. Related? Yes.

Regardless Kansas City has been named in the past as one of Kiplinger's Smartest Places to Live , the best tap water in the U.S., and the ninth best craft brewery in the nation.

Plus we are second only to Paris in number of fountains. And experts consider it stable, less touched by the economic downturn and an up-and-coming travel destination.

There are many gorgeous parks and boulevards, awesome bars and restaurants (BBQ!) and beautiful, wholesome neighborhoods. A less perfect city means more opportunities to make it better.

However to dispel all myths, we are both STD-free, married, skinny and crime-free. And we love the tap water.

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