Friday, June 18, 2010

100 things my father taught me

1. Stress can be relieved through fidgeting.
2. Keep your elbow up when you bat.
3. Place your fingers along the softball seams to pitch a curve ball.
4. Keep your hands away from the saw blades.
5. Needles are most effective for removing splinters.
6. Education is the key to your success. Keep learning.
7. Science trumps popular opinion.
8. Teaching others ensures your legacy.
9. Pursue your passion with all that you have.
10. Love of a sports team can lead to high emotion.
11. There are many highly effective habits, and they are all hard to master.
12. Wrap vegetables in foil and throw them on the grill.
13. Enjoy the early morning.
14. Movies are best watched standing up, in the middle of the living room.
15. If you can work on your computer AND be outside on a summer day, do it.
16. Don't just be good, be the best.
17. Leadership starts when you're young and continues all your life.

18. Make it a point to go to church even if you are only in town for a few hours during the weekend.
19. You can pitch five innings when it's 115 degrees outside.
20. Your heat exhaustion because of said pitching can be relieved by laying on the pavement and having someone feed you Snickers bars.
21. Love other cultures. Love their food. Love their people. Love their cities.
22. It's good to have friends in the State Department.
23. Taking slide film and trying to project this on your living room wall is not the best way to show your family your trip photos.
24. Don't let Dan near your appliances.
25. If you want to look like you're cleaning up, put your clutter in piles.
26. It's the dad's job to pull the guts out of the turkey.

27. It's more fun and much cheaper to wash your car in the driveway.
28. Cheer for your team. Don't sit on the bench and sulk.
29. Scoop baked beans with Ruffles potato chips - tasty!
30. Have your ID and ticket ready to show the TSA agent at the airport. Not being prepared for this airport routine is unacceptable.
31. When traveling, try the local restaurants.
32. Eat crab cakes when in DC.
33. Politicians are just normal people who work really hard.
34. Be both proud and humble.
35. A glass of wine after a long day works wonders.
36. There are many types of soils.
37. You can identify crops in a field from your car window. At age three.
38. Start with the coarsest sandpaper and work your way toward fine.
39. Boulevard Wheat is the best beer.
40. A father's pride can be seen in his eyes.
41. Plant a tree when you're young as a marker for the years. Name it something like Ashley the Ash Tree.

42. It's possible for classical music to be exciting.
43. A man can be measured by his collection of books.
44. Former presidents' estates, gardens and graves are great tourist attractions.
45. Argentine barbecues cannot be effectively replicated in the U.S.
46. A "movie kiss" can be executed on demand.
47. Don't fight in front of your kid.
48. Making pancakes in the shape of letters and animals is a big hit.
49. It's OK for fathers to cry. Even while watching movies. Especially if it's Father of the Bride.
50. An orange hunting hat can satisfy the "orange day" rules at preschool but probably doesn't impress the boys.
51. Sometimes a hug is better than words of advice.
52. There are some conflicts that are best forgotten and not discussed.
53. It's important to wear purple on game day.
54. Red cars fade faster, and they should be washed AND WAXED often.

55. If you have strong teeth, it's OK to only brush right before you eat breakfast.
56. You can ride in the car for 10 hours and only stop once.
57. Scenic drives and tourist attractions advertised on interstate signs are not for you.
58. Always charge your phone.
59. Stamp out the small prairie fires with running shoes.
60. Water the lawn early in the morning.
61. Mow early, mow often.
62. Use your skills to make life better for others.
63. Remember to bring back souvenirs if you leave your family to go on a trip.
64. Don't eat while working at the computer.
65. Almost everything can be recycled or composted.
66. Invest your money wisely. Save for retirement.
67. Don't be petty and critical. It doesn't impress people.
68. Love yourself more than you love a boy.
69. You're beautiful even during your awkward middle school years.
70. The concierge floor at the hotel has free happy hour, snacks and internet.
71. Being successful often brings you more work.
72. Don't shy away from hard work.

73. Be careful studying with your spouse for the GRE. They might beat your score.
74. It's OK to let your daughter sue your employer if it's the right thing to do.
75. Keep your eye on the ball. Release at the hip.
76. Living a thrifty lifestyle early in life leads to rewards later on.
77. Laugh with your whole body.
78. Gestures like a card just from dad on Valentines Day can stick with your forever.
79. Show up for the airport early. They make those recommendations for a reason.
80. Paint the trim first. Roll evenly.
81. If you snap or yell when you are angry, apologize.
82. If you are going to steal a base, it's better to be wearing long pants.
83. Live up to your commitments. If you say you'll go, go.
84. If you have to choose between a big house, fancy clothes or travel, choose travel.
85. Watch the evening news.
86. The local weather comes on at the 8's.
87. A father walking his only daughter down the aisle is both a heart-wrenching and glorious moment.

88. Listen to NPR.
89. Get an oil change regularly before you engine blows up.
90. Invest in an AAA membership.
91.Wheaties is the breakfast of champions.
92. Leave your sweaty running clothes in the basement, not in the laundry room.
93. Chess is a hard game to love.
94. There are some evenings when frozen chicken nuggets and crinkle fries are an acceptable dinner.
95. Children, including strangers, love certain people for no particular reason.
96. Orange juice is best with the pulp strained.
97. Dried spaghetti dances when placed in vinegar, baking soda and water.
98. Working and living alongside others can be a lot of work.
99. Great speeches don't always use powerpoint.

100. A daughter needs her daddy no matter how old she is.


  1. AnonymousJune 18, 2010

    Great post Sarah. I loved this one and the one you did about your mom. :) It is so fun to see the traits you got from both of them!

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