Tuesday, June 22, 2010

only God knows

When Shea had a job that involved frequent travel, we got to rack up Hilton points as if we were Paris' cousins. We got a free week of honeymoon hotel out of it which freed up our money to buy me a lot of popcorn and lemonade.

We have a few points left that need to be used up by the end of the year. So we've been watching the Hilton rewards site waiting for them to post the "point stretcher" weekends that basically means we go when they tell us to and our one night worth of points turns into two. Since we're cheap but fun we're all over it.

We spent a very long time listing all the places that are within eight hours driving of us. Memphis, Louisville, Little Rock, Omaha, Oklahoma City, Dallas. But because we both have this incessant pleasing need, we had to play the "pick your top three, type and send" on G-Chat game.

Me: Memphis, St. Louis, Louisville.
Shea typing. Shea stops typing.

Me: If you change your answers, God will know.
Shea typing.
Shea: St. Louis, Louisville, OK City

I will never know if he changed his answers. He really probably wanted to go to Omaha. For the furniture store. Needless to say, we're going to St. Louis in November sometime. Because Hilton told us we had to. Your suggestions are welcome.


  1. AnonymousJune 22, 2010

    You had the chance to go to DALLAS and decided not to?! Just kidding. :)
    We can offer you a point stretcher weekend in which you stay several nights and use none of your points. However, the accommodations may or may not include an air mattress and a basset hound. :)

  2. When we visit you in Dallas, and we will, it will not be in August. I love your version of point stretcher. We'll supply the jack russell terrier and air mattress. Just please make sure you have a bowl of those jelly beans again.

  3. St. Louis is nice (I live near there) but in Nov?? Not so sure how nice it will be temp wise at that time-at least you won't have the heat!
    If you're looking for ideas on what to do (if you're not I apologize for being a busy body), the zoo is a great place to visit (yes, even in Nov http://www.stlzoo.org/yourvisit/hourspricesdirections.htm), as is the Science Center (http://www.mobot.org/visit/hours.asp). There is also a wonderful bbq place (Memphis style) called Pappy's Smoke House (http://www.pappyssmokehouse.com/).

  4. Great ideas! We are looking for things to do so keep 'em coming if you have more.

    Thanks and much appreciated!

  5. Opps...the web-address above for Science Center is actually the St. Louis Botantical garden (great place)...the web address for the science center is http://www.slsc.org. There is also a "Unique" City Museum (there is a ferris wheel on the roof) that I've heard is worth a visit but I"ve not been there yet...

    If you like Italian food going to "The Hill" is worth the trip. Yogi Berra grew up in that neighborhood and it is home of Zia's, mama campisi's, and Blues City Deli.

    Here is the link for "explore St. Louis" if you're interested. http://www.explorestlouis.com/events/index.asp
    We do have the Arch (cool) and tons of Casinos. Also, Chelsea Handler will be here in Nov.

  6. I am in looovvve with Saint Louis. I have been there twice now. That's where I went for my past two spring breaks (not quite your typical choice for a college student lol) I'm a little behind on this since I just started following your blog. But if you need any suggestions hit let me know.