Thursday, June 24, 2010

neighborhood baseball

Last night we went to a baseball game for a charter school in our neighborhood that has a close relationship with my employer as well as the Kansas City Chiefs. We're hoping to get more involved since not only is it just a few blocks away but one of the teachers and baseball coaches is a member of our church.

I know this is super awesome photography. Be jealous.

Shea is hoping to be able to coach at this inner-city school next year, but first we will get training as a YouthFriend volunteer, which is a Kansas City organization dedicated to provided mentors to local school children. The Derrick Thomas Academy is a public charter school with free tuition with a 92 percent African-American student population. The school is set up as a local educational agency so its federal and state funding don't have to be funneled through the failing KCMO school district. Over 75 percent of the students are on a free or reduced lunch plan.

The parents we sat with at the game were way fun but I am sure were completely baffled as to why we were there. Especially considering Shea was whispering his baseball strategy after each play. He's a coach at heart!

Plus there was this amazing sunset.

Hopefully next spring I'll be there as the coach's wife/team's biggest fan.


  1. and you can bring orange slices for the players. :)

  2. Ha yes! And Shasta pop. Does anyone remember Shasta?

  3. My personal favorites from little league baseball were OK Soda and Dad's Root Beer!