Tuesday, June 1, 2010

camping trip report: eureka springs, ark.

Last time we went camping, I cried that I wanted to go to a hotel because there were ticks everywhere on my body, and the dog would not stop barking. This time I thought I was going to cry because we had to leave.

After dropping Mac the dog off at his own canine resort, we headed south down Highway 71 to Arkansas. We stopped in Carthage, Missouri for the town's best burger.

Driving through the Ozark mountains was reminiscent of my experience driving through on a youth group bus where half the kids were throwing up in bags. I did keep my hamburger in my stomach but a few close calls. We stopped in Eureka Springs to walk around, get a smoothie and stretch our legs. The town is super cute but strikingly similar to a Sturgis rally.

Our campsite was south of the Beaver Lake dam. So clean and completely gorgeous. It is the "natural state" after all.

Sunday we rented mountain bikes - something I was very apprehensive about considering I haven't been on a bike in at least a decade. But the saying is true, and I did remember how to ride it. Denton from Adventure Mountain Outfitters fitted our bikes and dropped us off at the trail heads. We had bikes worth over $2,000 each which makes a big difference in shock absorption. And the gloves and helmet seemed rather necessary as well. The paths, which are single-track, unpaved, rock, tree root infested (and snakes!), went around Leatherwood Lake.

We went through creeks.

Stopped at the dam for lunch.

And then over bridges.

And eventually popped a tire. Luckily less than half a mile from our car.

And also luckily never ran into these.

We did have to walk a lot because going up a mountain involves a lot of inclines. I know, I was shocked, too. But, we figure we biked/walked 10 miles total. Now two days later, sitting is still painful. But we are so glad we did this - totally worth the pain and money!

Sunday night I got my ice cream and watermelon, for another weekend goal accomplished.

The only failure was my blood-sucking tick. I would post a picture but it was not in a blog-appropriate place so you can use your imagination. I prevailed though and removed it all by myself without a tear.

Monday morning we at breakfast at Mud Street Cafe, which has been featured in Southern Living and National Geographic. It lived up to its hype on every account. They even let us eat our breakfast in the favorite spot of the locals - a table and sofa pit, and we were declared officially "pitted."

Even better than the mountain biking and watermelon was spending three solid days with my best friend.

It's weekends like this that make me realize how wonderful it is to be married to your very bestest friend who you are completely obsessed with spending every second with. There is absolutely no place I would rather be.


  1. The last couple lines are so true! This weekend I was thinking that exact same thing - sometimes it just overly-overwhelms (oh yea, i made that up!) me how awesome it is it share my life w/ Adam! Glad you two had a sweet weekend!

  2. Sounds like you guys had an amazing adventure. Love the pictures!!! Thanks for sharing. Love you guys. xoxo

  3. I've just added Eureka Springs to my list of places I must go! (I love that sign about the feral hogs! Although, YAY you didn't run into any.) :)