Tuesday, June 8, 2010

one of my favorites

One of my most favorite people in the world is this little girl, Shea's cousin Audrey.

When we lived in Minneapolis, we would frequently take her for sleepovers at our condo followed by trips to the zoo, lake, park or children's museum. We played "Shea's a goober" and sang songs in the car. And for some reason, it stuck. Though I am not sure what makes us so awesome in her mind, we did something right and earned her love.

She was the perfect age to be our flower girl last August. During the ceremony she whispered in her sing-songy voice, "Sheaaaa aannd Saaarah" just loud enough for us to hear.

During the reception, she out-danced everyone else in the wedding party.

After we moved to Kansas City, we would hear the stories of how Audrey sang to herself, "come back Shea and Sarah. Come back to me." We send her things in the mail. Talk to her on the phone occasionally, which usually sends me to tears. Out of everyone, I miss Audrey the most.

This weekend we surprised her by showing up with a knock on her door. There was a scream, a huge smile and then little arms wrapped around my waist.

Hopefully someday she'll spend a weekend in Kansas City so we can stuff her with barbecue and shower her with love. And if we ever have a little girl as cute and as wonderful as her, my life will be a dream.

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