Tuesday, September 7, 2010

38 days and counting

The half marathon is in less than six weeks - a realization that made the fact I slept in instead of running much more guilt-filled. I've done great with my long runs, not so great during the week. My intention of running four days at a minimum for the shorter runs has turned to three. Still, I've managed to keep my long runs on track.

During a happy hour yesterday, I discussed with a fellow runner friend the possibility of continuing to train for a full. Then I saw that that would mean in about two months I'd have to run a week of 5-10-5-20 miles. The prospect of that week alone is enough to make me reconsider. Plus I think my body would hurt all the time.

Goals for the rest of my training
1. Actually follow my training plan and stop with the sleeping in and rainy day excuses.
2. Get back into the habit of more conscious healthy eating. More protein and water, less sugar.
3. Run faster on shorter runs. 10-minute miles are for long runs, not being lazy on weekdays.
4. Figure out ways to run during lunch or after work at least some days to avoid dark streets.
5. Entice Shea to rub my feet and calves more often.


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  1. wow thats sneaking up pretty quick:) good luck in all your goals! your a brave powerful lady:) xoxo