Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the most helpful websites

Awesome reviews of hotels, attractions and tours. My favorite feature, though, are the forums where you can find really specific advice and stories down to which bug spray to buy if you're staying in a cabana in the middle of the Belizean jungle. (To the family reading this: We're totally staying in American-style resorts with sterilized water and no-bug/snake/alligator bubbles around them)

OK, it's actually a Bing site now but I refuse to conform to that nonsense. It's a regular old flight price search, but it's best feature tells you whether you should wait to buy or if fares will be going up soon and you should book it now. Handy.Or just buy your flights on Wednesdays. It's the cheapest; fun fact.

Daily Mile
Easy way to track my mileage and other workouts, and then send them directly to Twitter so I can be showered with awe and praise. The map works well to figure what distance I ran and calculates my pace, calories burned and how lame I am compared to everyone else running in KC. Tip: If your time sucked, then just put your impressive mileage and leave time blank. They'll never know.

Calorie Count
I don't use this much because I'm not counting calories at the moment. But when I feel like I've gotten into a gorge-myself-silly mode, I use the tracker to get myself in line. Seems to be the best I have found because it has all the foods and brands I normally eat.

Google Documents
Maybe not really a website per se... but I've used it for work task lists, project plans, wedding guests list, thank you note tracking, Christmas lists and budgeting. It comes in at a close second to my love of Google calendars.

We love it! I never go to the dentist, eat at a restaurant, shop or subscribe to a service without checking for local reviews. Plus it's a great way to get back at a business who treats you like garbage when using your free massage coupon.

Never buy online without visiting this site! There are others, but this one seems to be the most up to date with coupon codes, discounts and sales. I rarely buy something without finding at least a 10-percent off coupon, which is good because I'm cheap.

Which websites make your life easier? Share the love!

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