Monday, September 20, 2010

painful high

I've finally got a runner's high.

The long runs I've finished have left me hating running in the last mile - calves on fire, stomach souring and trying not to quit by falling into a tear-filled heap. But this one was different. I felt good from the start. I got faster in the second half of my run. I didn't walk except by choice so I could chug my Gatorade and water.

I got done with 12.5 miles and felt fantastic. Like I was a real runner. I finally have no doubt that the 13.1 miles I will face in three weeks are possible. That maybe I could even do more...

I showered super fast (Vikings kickoff and an impatient husband awaited), pulled on my new favorite compression sleeves and ate my peanut butter sandwich with chocolate milk.

Now it hurts. My hips, thighs, groin, butt and lower back are on fire though not as bad as when I got into bed last night, cringing. I'm trying to stop myself from eating everything in sight.

But the pain feels good. I earned it.

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