Friday, September 10, 2010

the pace of my life

I've meaning to post pictures from my great Labor Day weekend. And the pictures of the parakeet that now resides next to my work computer. I've also been meaning to vacuum our carpet, take Ink to the vet, work on a proposal for my class, paint my toenails and read The Girl Who Played with Fire.

Instead, the current pace of our life isn't allowing for much of that. (In addition to the fact I cannot remember to ever bring my camera cord to work.) I get up to run at 5:30 a.m. and collapse into bed at 11 p.m. On Monday and Tuesday nights we go to small group. Wednesdays we have class.

Thursdays we've had dance lessons though last night we watched the Vikings game complete with purple cupcakes, stuffed mushrooms, veggies, raspberry chipotle dip and buffalo wings. Tonight we have dance and tomorrow it's K-State game weekend #2 and an 11-miler.

On top of that, I have a big project at work that is making my once boring days a distant memory. Plus, there's the parakeet I have to whistle at every 10 minutes.

So the lack of blogging is more the lack of available breathing room in my life rather than lack of material. I'm loving this time in our lives. But the small things seem to get lost, and I begin to notice the half-mile where the speed limit decreases to 25 mph on my work route is a welcome slow-down.  (Have I told you how the cops gun people and then walk out into traffic and hold up a hand to pull them over? Because I should.)

Things I have accomplished in spite of the crazy:

  • Picked and ordered our wedding pictures. Only one year later...
  • Bought necessary items for shower-less shower kit at work for lunch-time runs.
  • Bought wedding, birthday and thank you cards for September events
  • Ran two 5-milers with two more runs to come before the week's end.
  • Made enough meals with Shea's help that we avoided eating dinners out.
We did manage to try Yogurtini  last weekend. Hopefully you have one in your city and can go there. Because it's awesome. Last weekend pictures to come later today after I've worked, ran, danced and eaten. Basic needs first, people.

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