Monday, September 13, 2010

catching up

Wow, I'm behind. My apologies for such a lazy blog lately. To get myself back on track, here's some updates.

K-State games
We've been busy traveling to Manhattan for the K-State football games. First it was Purple Power Play on Poyntz which is a gigantic pep rally with purple fireworks. My t-shirt is from the Kickoff Club in 1994. I take great pride that I can still wear a 16-year-old shirt. Benefit of the midget life.

Then we had the game, which was hot and super fun. We tailgated the first game with pulled pork and brisket. The second game this weekend was bison burgers. Love me some Kansas food.

I have had a lot of them and am eating Imitrex like candy. The long runs do it to me. Plus allergies, a tense neck and shoulder area and hormones. It hurts and makes me way less fun to be around. Though Mac the dog sympathizes.

We're done with it now. For four short lessons, we're pretty good I must say. Unfortunately the club we've been going to charges $1,900 for a six-month program. Despite a very aggressive sales pitch that left me wanting to curl up in a ball and cry, we cannot afford such an outrageous hobby, at least here. But the four times we got to go, I LOVED it. So maybe someday when we plant a money-growing tree, we'll invest.

My mileage reached 27 last week with a long run of 11.5. I don't know if it was the heat or my general lack of mental toughness or the fact that when I ended my run it was 82 degrees but my body was SORE. My poor little legs still are aching today. Only 32 days left. This weekend I get to run 11 miles around my beloved Minnesota lakes.

We got the sad news Saturday night that a family from my parent's church lost their son in the Megabus accident in upstate New York. Kevin, an Eagle Scout and Temple University student, was only 19. It's a tragic reminder of how fragile life really is and one that's been weighing heavily on my heart this weekend. I hope that you'll pray with me that Kevin's family finds peace that transcends understanding in such a horrific chapter in their lives.

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