Thursday, September 30, 2010

icing it up

My knee hurts.

I've scaled back on the running the last week and a half. Today I did a five-mile run, and I made it through but my knee is achy and tight. Tight like I wish someone would just pop it back into place.

Based on my research, I've self-diagnosed an IT band strain. This is where it hurts:

 Iliotibal band syndrome (ITBS) occurs when the IT band, which runs from the buttocks down and across the knee becomes tight and inflamed. Overpronation and bow-leggedness can also contribute. If caught early, you can recover in one to four weeks. Take anti-inflammatories one to two hours prerun, and stretch and ice postrun, says Irene Davis, Ph.D., P.T., of the University of Delaware. Reduce mileage, hills, and intensity. When you run on a track, rotate laps (1 mile clockwise, 1 mile counterclockwise). Tape your arches or wear orthotics. (Runners World)

 {Post five mile run. Ouch}

Other articles helped me trace the injury back to my treadmill sprints last week though it's been a long time coming with some aching in my hamstring and glutes. So I'm icing, and then this weekend I'll attempt my last long run. I'm putting my full marathon decision on hold to see how the creaky knee holds up.

Come on, knee. I just need 15 more days from you. Then I promise you can spend your weekend mornings lounging on the couch, drinking coffee and gorging on French toast.

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