Monday, September 27, 2010

missing: motivation

"Ask yourself: 'Can I give more?' The answer is usually yes." -Paul Tergat, Kenyan marathoner

Only 18 days til my first half marathon, and I have ZERO motivation. I cannot even express to you the poorness of this timing.

Last Thursday I ran intervals on the treadmill. I ran fast and loved it but did not love the fact the treadmill makes my knees hurt. And my left knee has felt jammed since then. Plus I haven't been drinking water, and I've had some wicked womanly symptoms. We had a busy, cold and rainy weekend so my only time to do my long run was Sunday night after a long weekend. I skipped it and watched three episodes of Dexter.

Now the weather is just awkward. It can't decide between tank top and shorts or a running jacket and tights. Tomorrow I'm headed to the running store for some new fall running clothes in hopes of reigniting my love. Then I'm going to find some new routes because if I have to keep running past people sitting on patios eating their delicious-smelling food, I will cry.

It's only 18 days. That's less than three weeks. I can do anything if it's temporary.


  1. kohls+coupons= sweet running stuff for must prettier price.

    motivation: buy a super cute running top so at least you look good while gimpin' along your runs!

  2. Buy enough so you can keep going and do a full marathon!! :)
    I running clothes are great motivators to keep running.

  3. This is so weird that I had to post. I stayed up too late Friday night watching 3 episodes of Dexter. And then, because of that, skipped my Saturday morning run. Now, on Monday, I have the worst cramps and am trying to find motivation to do my workout!

    Have you tried going for a swim? It's the perfect cross train. 1 swimming mile= 3 running miles. However, that statistic comes straight from a swimmer's mouth.

    Good luck!