Thursday, September 16, 2010

the best grocery news ever

It's the news I've been waiting for - Trader Joe's lands in Kansas City! I got a text this morning announcing the news that has made this migraine-filled day one of rejoicing. And the best part is I'm shopping there this weekend in Minnesota only increasing the anticipation for one just a few miles down the parkway in 2011.

My very favorite TJ product is the tomato and roasted pepper soup.

Then the different rice and noodle mixes.

But I can't pass up the raw nuts, low-fat cheeses, ranch and parmesan dressing, greek yogurt, wheat pizza dough, hummus, and of course cheap, cheap wine.

Plus, I've never had a bad customer service experience even when the line to check out at the store near my Minneapolis apartment was at least 10 people deep.

What's your favorite TJ product?


  1. Glad I could be the bearer of such joyous news.

  2. So exciting!! Now we just need an Ikea.

  3. I don't even know if you knew I frequent your blog...BUT... TJ's is my fave! :)

    Pretzel chips, frozen brown microwaveable rice, gnocchi alla sorrentina, 2 buck chucks (wine), mini sweet potato/yams, just to name a few!! :)

  4. Any of their fruits and veggies...cause they are always in season and fresh. And the Greek yogurt.

    I got excited today because I just found out Gain is now making liquid dish soap...I can not tell you how many years I have said..."this stuff smells so should be a dish soap too". Alas...the wait is over!! LOL

  5. It has to be the two buck chuck! How I wish Trader Joes would come to France... then I'd be really really happy!

  6. Just found your blog. Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing. I am a big fan.