Tuesday, September 14, 2010

how to not stink when you have no shower

Sometimes I really hate running. When I did my long run Sunday, it took me a good three hours of watching a crappy Jennifer Aniston movie, sipping water, cleaning out the fridge and whatever non-priority task I could think up before I finally got around to fill my water bottles, put on my running shoes and start the 11.5-mile trek.

However, I found such a love for running during my lunch hour. Because summer is slipping away and the dark mornings have arrived, noon running is my best option. Dragging myself for five miles when I first got out of bed was so much harder than this! I love breaking up the work day and having time away from my computer to just think. 

The challenge however is the whole sweating for an hour only to sit at my desk for another four while still maintaining work friends. So I created a little shower kit for my bottom drawer.
First, unscented baby wipes. The problem is I keep sweating despite being wiped off so I'm adding a towel to the mix. There are expensive shower wipes you can buy but these are the same thing and cheap!

Next, baby deodorant. Obvious reasons.

Then, Passion for Change body mist. Because it makes me smell pretty in case the first two fail.

Finally, hair brush so I can wet down my hair and put it up into a bun to hide the sweaty tangles. It works out pretty well. My face is definitely beet red and totally makeup less but I think it's good to keep my vanity in check. 

31 days!

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  1. I couldn't live without baby wipes (and I don't have a baby). I keep them in the car and in my purse. There perfect for a quick freshen up :-)