Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ideal Spaces: Family Room/Game Room

We have a lot of board games, and we don't even have any kids yet therefore our family room is going to have to be built around game storage. We want a place where we can relax, have fun and create a sanctuary for our family time.

This ideal family room will be located in a large, finished basement with built-in, cube shelves for games.

First, we'd start with this couch, which does require us to forbid pets from the family room. But, after the morning we just  had with Mac, it's clear a family sancutary is also a sanctuary from pets.

Then we'll add these accent pillows to above couch.
Which go very nicely with my K-State purple chair. (Luckily this ideal room has another sectioned off area that can display husband-required Minnesota Twins gear that unfortunately clashes with my color scheme.)

Add coffee table with storage for card games, barrel of monkeys and travel games.

And then this has to be in the corner. This is suddenly becoming MY sanctuary room. Again, see "ideal."

And since it's a game room, here is my wall decor:

The last picture can double as storage. See ingenious idea at Infarrantly Creative blog. I would probably use classic games for my walls but I love how Cranium looks on hers. And how fabulous to get rid of those flimsy game boxes that get crushed after one clumsy victory dance.

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