Saturday, March 20, 2010

Guess who came to dinner?

While most 20-somethings were out at the bars watching NCAA games, we were hosting our 69-year-old neighbor Eleanor for dinner.

I have written about Eleanor before, but she's our sweet, but very lonely neighbor. After getting our phone numbers, I get a regular call every few days with reports on her sleeping schedule, the book of the Bible she is currently reading, if she had enough energy to scrub her floors and just a reminder that we're a good couple and she loves us very much. And I am happy to listen.

So Friday we invited her to dinner. I made a new recipe of baked ziti. Like lasagna but cheaper and less time-consuming. Everyone had three servings so I think it's a keeper.

Eleanor got a huge kick out of Shea spending the next 20 minutes doing the dishes. He's good with the woman's work. But the big hit of the night was Wii bowling.

After a few bowling balls landing in the cartoon crowd, Eleanor got the hang of it. She gave me a hug every time I got a spare. And then proceeded to beat me by one point. Next dinner? Wii boxing.


  1. Awesome! You guys are such great neighbors. :)

  2. You guys rock. That's totally what life is about! Little bummed you moved away...