Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscar Predictions 2010

Tonight we're attending Oscar Night at the Uptown Theater, which is just a few blocks from our apartment. The Conspiracy Room will have free food and we'll enter on the red carpet in our Oscar attire.

We didn't get to see all of the Best Picture nominees, especially since they upped the category to 10, but here's what we thought of the eight we did see:

Up in the Air
Good acting (and hot) with a witty plot line. The previews, though, showed all the funny scenes and left out the sad, very depressing theme of the movie. Best watched with a glass of red wine and a bucket of chocolate. Grade: B-
The Hurt Locker
Not for the faint of heart. So glad we watched this on DVD rather than in theaters. I wanted a bullet to bite on for most of this movie. Sadly, I am anti-second amendment so I was left to dig my nails into Shea’s arm. Well done movie. And by a woman. Plus 10 bonus points. Grade: A

The set design makes it movie of the year especially when you watch it in 3-D. The acting is only satisfactory and dialogue leaves much to be desired. Battle scenes reminded us too much of Lord of the Rings. However, the amount of breath-taking, gasp-inducing beautiful scenes probably makes it movie of the year. Grade: A

District 9
Shea says “Unique, creative and entertaining.” I didn’t watch it because I don’t like paying $9 for a shaky camera induced migraine. The plot was different than a typical alien movie but tough to believe the aliens are controlled by their cat food addiction. (Sarah: “um what?”) District 9 is only good because it’s different. Grade: B

Inglorious Bastards
Most importantly, I loathe Quentin Tarantino’s choice of fonts, embarrassingly showing my priorities in my movie-watching habits. Great dialogue, disgusting effects as usual. The mean guy, Christoph Waltz, should win best supporting actor. Didn’t appreciate the close-up shots of scalping. Grade: B

A Serious Man

We HATED this movie. And if it weren’t nominated for an Oscar I would have shut it off and not wasted two hours of my life. There is no ending. Not the usual, “Hi I am a Coen Brother so I don’t need to follow the rules” ending. But ZERO ending. Hate it. All of it. Every second. Grade: F-

This is the only movie on the list that made me cry. Very timely with the economic landscape today as the main character faces his house being taken away by imminent domain. I H-A-T-E cartoons but loved this movie. It won’t win because the animated old man in this movie was a better actor than George Clooney, and there will be NONE of that on the red carpet. Grade: A

Blind Side

I lied, this one made me cry, too. Sandra Bullock far exceeded her acting skills in Speed. You’ll like it if you enjoyed Remember the Titans. It was good and even better knowing it’s a true story. Still, kind of surprised it’s considered Oscar caliber. Grade: B

An Education and Precious
Didn’t see them, falling short of our goal. Luckily they come to Redbox next week and we’ll watch them for free. Because we are masters at the Internets.

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