Monday, March 8, 2010

Laziness, el fin

Today was my first day back at work after almost two months of lazing about. I am exhausted. I have had more interaction with people in one day than I have had in two months combined.

Things I will miss about my completely unstructured routine:

-   Having eight hours to think about what I might want to make for dinner.

-    Hanging out with someone who thinks I am so pretty, cuddly and fascinating that he wants to have his body as close to me as possible every second of the day. OK, he kind of smells like a combination of milk bone and dog pee, but whatever he thinks I'm awesome.

-   Cheap entertainment in the apartment lobby including man fighting with girlfriend on Bluetooth (“Do you think what you just said to me was rude? You really think what you just said to me was nice?”). Man who greets me with “good morning” at 3 p.m. every day. Eleanor’s daily mail reading. My neighbor who routinely tells the story to anyone who will listen about how he hates roosters.

-   Resolving that it's totally socially acceptable to wear snowman pajama pants and a huge sweatshirt all day every day for a month. Showering optional.

Things I will NOT miss:
-    Spending hours. Upon hours. Upon hours on the phone with AT&T. Though I do believe my tolerance for ridiculousness has reached a new high.

-   Responding to a little dog’s every want and need.

-   Being frustrated with my broken AC adapter and broken modems (therefore making my lazing about really boring) and blaming the ac adapter company only to discover that really it’s my old apartment wiring that is surging and slowly but surely ruining our electronics.

-  Feeling like my only contribution to the world is cleaning up poop because one of aforementioned dog's "needs" is to defecate on carpet.

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