Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ideal Spaces: Living Room

My ideal decorating style won't really be realized until we have cash, square footage and the time to research how to fulfill our expensive tastes with reasonable furniture budget. Or if we stopped buying milk, I could have the couch I want in 14 years. However, by then I'd be too hunched over from osteoporosis to even sit on the once-desired couch.

The first thing I actually can add (with the help of some antique shops, flea markets and Hobby Lobby sales) is this display for our wedding pictures. Except with one red frame in the middle for our favorite.

or, on a smaller scale, it could look like this:

And then when the cash and square footage come,
I will add this couch.

and then either this chair or this chair.

And then a table like this.
And on our coffee table will sit this book. Because it's awesome.


  1. I love your furniture selections. Aften forwarded the group your blog and I am looking forward to exploring Kansas City through your adventures.


  2. Hi Gillian! We'll try to make sure we have exciting adventures to write about in KC. All part of a plan to entice visitors :)