Thursday, March 18, 2010

Migraine relief and bank-breaking drugs

I have suffered from severe migraine headaches since elementary school. Gradually Tylenol, Exedrin, Ibuprofen and every other over the counter drug has worn out their welcome and been rendered completely ineffective.

I remember sitting in my eighth grade social studies class with Mr. Pickler. I had a migraine coming on and forced myself to take notes until the words slowly ran off the page and I stumbled to the nurse. While interning in DC, I would sometimes throw up because the pain was just that bad. They can last a couple of hours or four days.

So after getting a migraine Monday and having it last until Thursday afternoon, it was time to do something. After vetoing my first choice of cutting off my head, I called the doctor.

I knew my new doctor was a good one after only two minutes. I described my pain accurately as migraines and not a brain tumor, and he said "well you definitely need some medicaton." Amen, brother. So I walked away with a prescription for Maxalt. I put it under my tongue when  I sense the impending doom, and it should knock it out.

On, people describe it as "a miracle drug," and "changed my life."

Downside: $90 for 12 pills. Oof.

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