Friday, July 9, 2010

another happy friday

{I made it. Pretty right?}

Fridays always call for lazy blogging because when I am wearing jeans at work nothing good ever gets done. Instead, here are some random thoughts.

This link made me physically shake at my desk because I was trying to not laugh out loud/pee my pants. If your Friday isn't already perfect, this will help.

Obama got my very favorite barbecue catered on his trip to KC yesterday. Good taste, man. I was hoping he would invite me to eat it with him. He did not.

The reply all feature on Facebook messages is EVIL. I did not loose my phone and do not need your phone number. I should sell your number to insurance companies.
I want the following running gear: FuelBeltGarmin Forerunner and Body Glide with the latter being the most important. Seriously. It's humid.

I have made spinach salad with mandarin oranges, strawberries, feta cheese and pecans several times this week. I like it with this dressing. I also made the fruit pizza pictured above and learned that trying to do healthy fruit pizza crust is futile. Suck it up and use the cookie dough.

Have a super fun summer weekend!


  1. I never laugh out loud at my desk (okay, sometimes) but that article is soooo funny that I was laughing at an inappropriate octave for work

  2. I have never heard of fruit pizza, but that's looks delish!