Monday, July 19, 2010

hot, chubby and tired

Here's a little preview of my weekend. Real update coming soon when I locate my camera charger.

In other news:
  •  I haven't run since Friday. Instead I ate a lot of ice cream, burgers, bacon, and did I mention ice cream? Today I feel weighed down and bloated. Luckily I wore a big skirt.
  • I want to run after work. But the heat index is close to 150,000 degrees (or 110). And it was 93 percent humidity when I left for work. I don't even know why I bother brushing my hair. It just becomes a ridiculously frizzy event.
  • Also, I am tired. We drove 6.5 hours last night, returning at midnight, so today I am drinking coffee like it's my job. I'll use the exhaustion and coffee-induced dehydration as more excuses as to why I didn't run.
I'll stop whining. Stay tuned for fun posts!

1 comment:

  1. Sorry...had to laugh at the "why did I even bother brushing my hair!" Normally that's me. I've tried just about everything with little or no luck.

    Earlier this season I came across some "ultra lightweight conditioning serum" by Samy Salon Systems at Walgreens, on clearance of all things. I figure "ah, what the heck it's only $2.50." Man does it work; keeps the frizzies at bay like a charm. Dime size amount smoothed in the palm of my hands, spread on the hair from my ears down (I have medium length hair).

    Welcome back from your weekend adventure and have a great week!