Thursday, July 15, 2010

it's all in the name

We've decided to get the kitten. Mostly because we realized that we were in too deep, and it was hard to back out. Also, I was having indecision anxiety and it was affecting by ability to ... be normal.

{Seriously, could you resist this?}

The kitten will be vaccinated, de-wormed and uterus-free when we pick her up Tuesday evening. My hope is that her arrival will not anger current cat Pica but will give her a sense of purpose other than waking me up at 5 a.m. meowing or lying on top of my face. Also that Mac the resident dog does not eat her. You should probably pray for us.

For those of you that thought I named my first cat after the disease that causes women to eat dirt and chalk, think again. Pica was named after my love of newspapers and typography. Fun fact: pica is a typographic unit of measure corresponding to 1/72nd of its respective foot and therefore to 1/6th of an inch. The pica contains 12 points of measure. I have a pica pole engraved with my name. You can commence judging me. I'm comfortable with being a journalism nerd.

Naturally the second cat needs to fit into our  my journalism obsession. Help us choose! Feel free to submit something we didn't think of in the comments. (Note: I know that the name of Richard Gere's cat in Runaway Bride was Italics. But considering he married the source of his story, his connection to journalism is voided.)

What should we name little kitten?

  • Strikethru
  • Caption
  • Pixel
  • Fonts
  • Italics
  • Quotes


  1. I vote for Pixel!
    I am glad you decided to bring that sweet little thing home - I'm sure you will all be one happy family

  2. I personally like Strikethru or Quotes. Since it is a girl, Quotes may be a better choice.

  3. I think she looks like a Pixel. Can't wait to meet her!

  4. Pixel, for sure. Not only are the two kitty names alliterative, they both denote adorably small units of measure.

  5. What about:


  6. I like pixel. Pica and pixel

  7. You can't ignore that kind of adorable alliteration! She's a cutie, I'm sure she'll fit right in. :-D

  8. PIXAL!

    A: It is the kitten
    B: Both cats will have names that start with P, Pica and Pixel...just seems so cute!

  9. I love Pixel! She is black and which, so it seems to fit somehow. Plus, keeping the "P" theme would be cute. By the way, I love Pica too, and I definitely knew which type of pica you were referring to when I saw it the first time. Even though I am not quite a journalism nerd anymore. Can't forget those good old Mentor days!

  10. Ahh so cute! I need to come over and meet her (and see your and Shea's place!).

    Pixel is my favorite on that list too. What about "AP Style" or "Blurb?" Just kidding.

    I did, however, find this for more ideas:

  11. Awww he looks like a miniaturized version of my Rascal! So adorable!

    I vote for Pixel. Gotta keep the alliteration going :)

  12. Pixel or Quotes. I'm also a fan of Cheese, so you have Mac and Cheese, but I don't think it quite fits in with your theme...

  13. I think Pixel has a cute ring to it for a kitty.

  14. How about Para? Short for paragraph because no newspaper article is complete without one...or point because there's always a point to a story (ok there's supposed to be a point to a story).

    Ok, let me guess-I'm striking out here with names because you already narrowed it down and some might think I'm terrible at naming things (considering I have a dog named Fredbird and a garmin named Greta).

    Any and the hubs (and dog and cat too) have huge hearts and I'm glad you've opted to adopt her. She sure is cute...cute as a button even!

  15. Definitely Pixel. I second Clair, with that kind of alliteration it's obviously meant to be!

  16. Pixel!

    But I like Gatsby too

  17. I like Pixel the best. She is adorable. I had a black and white cat that went missing :/