Friday, July 16, 2010

fridays without work are the best kind

We're headed to Minnesota for a weekend with friends and a visit to the new Twins stadium. I took the whole day off and am enjoying a morning sans work. Or at least work I am choosing to do.

I ran my long run today to get it out of the way - all 5.5 miles of it with 84 percent humidity. It was fairly uneventful except for a slight detour to avoid about 50 geese of which I have a gigantic fear. Now my legs and feet (ok and lower back, butt..) are sore. Really sore. I am afraid this 13 weeks of training ahead of me is going to be long.

I'm also doing laundry because not only is my apartment super entertaining during the day but the washers are all free. This my friends is not something to take for granted. As I got in the elevator, the cleaning guy asked me a few generic questions and then commented I have a strong accent. Then he asked if I was from Nebraska. I said, "well maybe it's a little leftover Minnesota." But really, Nebraska?

Now it's off to make these strawberry scones and loading up the car. I'm not sure when my life flipped and a day off no longer included Starbucks, sleeping in til noon and a movie. Probably the same time a budget, half marathon and some sort of consistent body clock disease entered. Lame.

Happy summer weekend!

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